Casino Review

A casino is a gambling establishment that offers a wide variety of games of chance and skill to patrons who want to win money. A casino’s success depends on its ability to encourage game players to spend their money over and over for the chance of winning big. It also needs to make sure that its patrons enjoy their experience and don’t feel cheated or stolen from.

The dazzling lights, pulsing music and the clink of coins clinking in slot machines create a manufactured blissful environment that keeps people gambling and coming back. Moreover, casinos purposefully keep clocks and windows out of their gaming areas so that players lose track of time and stay longer. They even use the smell of scented oils to create a more appealing atmosphere and encourage people to gamble more.

While the opulence and neon signs of Las Vegas casinos are alluring, they are also home to organized crime, gang violence and a lot of greed. Martin Scorsese’s movie Casino captures all of this and more, using a lean narrative to tell an entertaining story about betrayal, murder, and the human cost of greed.

Casino is one of the most violent movies ever made, but the scenes are not merely for shock value. These events actually happened to the real-life counterparts of De Niro’s character and Stone’s Ginger, so Scorsese did not resort to gratuitous violence simply for style. In fact, it is a testament to his writing and editing that Casino remains riveting until the very end.